Future plans

I dream on a world that is not so ignorant and judgemental, but to have a world that accepts and allows people to be themselves. When I finish my schooling and get my own living state established, I want to travel the world, learn new languages, cross off things on my bucket list, get my septum pierced, get my body tattooed from head to toe.

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Anonymous said: WOW your getting so many questions, I'm curious: did you cut today?

Not really, I’m hoping more people ask for more advice because I’m always here to help out but yes I did cut today :(( tomorrow will be better!

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I'm Michelle.

Currently residing in Canada, I have currently been diagnosed with being bipolar, and am severely depressed, I take medication everyday to suppress the pain I go through. I self harm, have been bullied, and I'm self conscious of myself I also have a severe irrational fear of gaining weight. I have attempted suicide, I'm all over the place. No one can deal with me.. This is my outlet to let my thoughts go free, to post how i feel, become inspired within myself, and show others the brain and thoughts of someone who has my issues.

Stay Lifted